What is a Binary Network?

by Jon David Miller, holistic researcher & educator

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In the realm of referral network marketing, the power of duplication and active participation are the keys to success.

In a conventional network compensation plan, personally-referred affiliates are at the first level and organizational depth may develop through them. Going wide in referral enrollments may not leave enough time for the enrolling sponsor to help build depth under all their first level affiliates.

Downline depth is where an organization widens and generates a higher volume of sales.

With more sophisticated computer software, the power of a matrix type of network was developed. In this concept there is a limited number of affiliates on the first level.

With newer programs of the last 30 years or so, the binary format became a frequently favored structure for building downline volume.

A binary team or network starts with the potential for two first level business centers being generated under an affiliate, then four on the second level, eight on the third, sixteen on the fourth, and so on.


/  \

O        0

 / \      / \

 O    O   O    0

  /\    /\    /\    /\

  0  0  0 0  0 0  0 0

These positions usually fill in randomly with new affiliate business centers coming in at different times on various levels of the tree.

Personally-referred affiliates can be positioned at any level, and still contribute to the volume of sales of one of the two teams.

In addition to any commissions on personal sales, it is usual for a set amount of accumulation of equal volume on each of one's two teams through unlimited downline levels to generate a bonus.

Bonuses can become quite substantial with ongoing downline growth and activity.

Enrollments are placed in open positions on one of a business center's two teams. So, a downline business center can benefit from the business volume generated by upline "spill-over" enrollments that may be positioned under that downline center.

Further, the volume from purchases by business centers that are positioned downline and their enrollees, and so forth, may result in bonuses from as deep as the downline grows.

A "matching bonus" of a percentage of the bonuses of personally-referred affiliates is often used for incentive for the enroller (aka, sponsor) to help them build their downline teams, wherever their position is in the enroller's network.

The combination of continual downline growth and purchase activity can gradually build bonuses to be very rewarding.


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