Inflation, Gold & Silver

by Jon David Miller, holistic researcher & educator

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Severe economic conditions are coming to a head. U.S. Treasury bonds are being rejected around the world and may go into default before long. Closings, layoffs, unemployment, inflation and commercial real estate vacancies are all worsening.  

The fraudulent U.S. government debt is more than the stated $34 trillion, due to politicized obligations such as Social Security, federal pensions and foreign aid. With federal government and military waste involved, this debt is growing at an accelerated rate.

The Federal Reserve is unable to find real buyers for U.S. Treasury bonds anymore, even though they have reduced bond maturities to as little as 2 years and raised interest rates.

So they "monetize" the debt by just creating more dollars out of nothing, a recipe for likely hyper-inflation.

Many foreign governments have begun unloading U.S. Treasury debt, rather than rolling it over.

More and more nations are now trading without using the dollar, which had been the "world reserve currency" since World War II.  A growing number of nations are considering conducting trade before long using only asset-backed currencies.

They know the U.S. government is beyond bankrupt and that their bonds are not real money.

Many foreign suppliers are unwilling to accept even short-term treasury bills as payment anymore, so there are fewer imports and developing shortages.

Big banks are in big trouble as higher interest rates have lowered the value of their bond, mortgage and other loan holdings. Many of them are hiding their insolvency.

They may get to the point that they keep your deposits to stay in business. (This is quietly legal.)

It would be wise to leave no more money in the bank than needed to pay current bills, with the rest of cash kept on hand.

Dollar-denominated assets such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds, insurance, annuities, etc., as well as pension funds, are not much safer.

Paper and digital "assets" are only claims on value, that may not exist in reality. If they are in others' hands, they may not actually be owned by you.

The U.S. economy is already in an inflationary depression, with shortages, closings, layoffs, and unemployment, and inflation much higher than the fake government stats.


Real Money

~ Money in the bank is not yours. The bank can use it for their own needs when in trouble and stop your access.

~ The money is not in the bank. Cash on hand in a bank is limited to the needs of the day. Most of the assets of the bank are tied up in over-valued U.S. Treasury debt about to go into default and shaky mortgages and business loans.

~ What is called "money", cash or digital, is not really money. It is "fiat" currency that the government calls "legal tender", with diminishing value due to excessive production of it.

Any extra funds are best put into food, necessities, water purification, supplements, seeds and tools, while accumulating silver and gold, the real money.

Storable food, fuel, silver and gold are the real value items and may even become what people trade for other goods and services if there is a complete collapse of the dollar system.

Gold and especially silver prices have been artificially suppressed by big institutions using bogus unfulfilled commodity contracts.

Meanwhile, big banks, governments, hedge funds, companies and wise individuals have been quietly accumulating gold and silver at these low prices.

It is anticipated that gold and silver prices, already holding fairly steady, will soar before long as the fiat money system has just about reached its limit.

(NOTE: Silver prices are considered extremely low relative to even the price of gold, based on declining availability and so many uses of silver. For example, silver is essential for electronics and communications equipment.

Almost all knowledgeable financial experts think silver and gold accumulation is the way to go for preservation and potential growth of wealth.


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Jon David Miller has run his own ethical natural health business for nearly 50 years, presenting many outstanding products and services. He has a Bachelor's degree with honors in economics with history and philosophy, as well as graduate degrees in psychology of religion and pastoral counseling.

Jon has written 10 books and many articles, produced numerous audio and video presentations, and helped many people with stress control, natural health and home business development. Over the last 30 years he has been doing business online. Jon is also a singer-songwriter, a philosopher and a father to four children.


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