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Would your financial life be easier if you had more income? You'll like this a lot!


Most income opportunities have a high start up cost and take a long time to get any rewards.

Introducing a new simple home business introducing an outstanding health food to others. This is a daily consumable super food with great health benefits.

Plus, because of the important essential nutrients it contains, providing noticeable healthy results, it has strong customer repeat purchases.


Low Start-Up Cost, Minimal Time & Effort

For just $20 I can set up a coded web page for you to refer people for ordering this inexpensive product. Then they become your customer.

Also, you can be your own customer and order through your web page as well as your referrals.

We fulfill the product orders, and you earn a nice referral reward on each unit purchased by you and your customers.


Everyone that wants to be healthier is the market!


You can pass out cards or little notes with your web page address on them to anyone that might like to improve their health. The product is low-cost. It fits into almost any budget!


Simple Yet Powerful

With this business you'll have no products, no inventory, no monthly purchases required, and not even a need to learn and teach the details to others.

The web page explains the product and invites them to place an order.

Beyond what you make on your own and your customers' orders, you can also invite any of them to get a web page and refer others, and you'll both earn from that!

There will be bonuses based on volume of sales in your network.

Imagine getting paid a little share of hundreds or thousands of units of this superior food product.

I call it a "toll position", and you can have one easily and very inexpensively.

Then think about increasing monthly earnings from the growth of your business.

And this is residual income. The rewards keep coming even if you take a vacation or "retire" from promotion.

Click here to check it out.


Contact me for additional information at jon@easierstreet.com or 330-920-9820.

(NOTE: I have suspended the promotion of the payment card mentioned in some of my videos due to its not yet being fully operational. Instead, please learn about this simple home business I have set up for you that is now ready for you to quickly and easily start. - Jon)

Yours for easier living, Jon Miller

Jon David Miller has run his own ethical natural health business for nearly 50 years, presenting many outstanding products and services. He has written 10 books and many articles, produced numerous audio and video presentations, and helped many people with stress control, health building and home business development. Over the last 30 years he has been doing business online. Jon is also a singer-songwriter, a philosopher and a father to four children, now healthy adults.


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