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silver and gold at lowest prices

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by Jon David Miller, holistic researcher & educator

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Build and preserve wealth with this outstanding program. 

Introducing a timely new membership program for buying precious metals - silver and gold - at the lowest cost anywhere, including bullion bars and coins issued by the U.S. mint, as well as other nations' official mints and private mints.

Professionally-graded numismatic collectibles are also available.


Would your financial future be more secure if you had greater real wealth?

Would your current financial life be easier if you had more income?

Would you like to accumulate silver and gold, the real money, at cost?


Great intro: the recent ACM company "soft-launch" video.


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Why Precious Metals?

Because gold and silver are the real money, with actual value. They have been money and store of value assets for thousands of years.

Governments, central banks and the wealthy hold their real wealth in gold and silver.

However, governments and financial institutions have substituted "funny money" for common circulation, paper and digital currency and cheap metal coins without backing by gold or silver.

This is so they can create as much false funding as they want for spending, loans, bailouts and "pork", and "charge it" for the "taxpayers" to pay on the growing debt for generations.

Paper and digital "assets" are only claims on value, that may not exist in reality. If they are in others' hands, they may not actually be owned by you.

Storable food, fuel, silver and gold are the real value items and may even become what people trade for other goods and services if there is a complete collapse of the dollar system.

It is anticipated that gold and silver prices, already holding fairly steady, will soar before long as the fiat money system has just about reached its limit.

(NOTE: Silver prices are considered extremely low relative to even the price of gold, based on declining availability and so many uses of silver. For example, silver is essential for electronics and communications equipment.

Almost all knowledgeable financial experts think silver and gold accumulation is the way to go for preservation and potential growth of wealth.


"Silver is the bargain of the century." -- Dr. Jim Willie, financial analyst


(Read my recent article on "Inflation, Gold & Silver".)

(Watch my recent video on "Gold, Silver & the Dollar".)


A Program for Accumulating Silver & Gold

For a modest annual membership fee, you can buy silver and gold, bullion bars and coins, at the lowest prices.

Use your membership for obtaining silver and gold to grow and preserve your real wealth.

More and more people are turning to holding gold and silver to preserve their wealth with real tangible assets.


A Outstanding Opportunity

In addition to an affordable membership for buying silver and gold at actual market cost, you now have available an opportunity to earn a great income by introducing this program to even just a few others.


Low Start-Up Cost

Most income opportunities have a high start-up cost and take a long time to get any rewards.

You can have a simple, part-time home business that can bring you a growing income that may become more than you've ever made before.

Membership for a year is only $149, less than the cost of a dinner party at a nice restaurant. Members can buy precious metals in small increments if they like, as little as $1, $5 or $10, or thousands of dollars' worth.

There is also a membership package for $399 for 1 1/2 years that includes 3 highest grade 1 oz. U.S. silver coins.

If you pursue this opportunity as an Affiliate, no need for inventory, an office or leaving home.

Everyone that wants to be wealthier and protect their wealth is the market!


Minimal Time & Effort

You can email, call, text or pass out cards or little notes with your information on them to anyone that might like to improve their wealth, even on a tight budget!

Just a couple of personally-referred active Affiliate Members will qualify you for recurring bonuses from overall growth.

Well-done presentation materials like the one linked below, as well as an intro video, other videos and online sessions are available to make learning about this easy for all.

You do not need to be a sales type or have business experience to do this.

This is more about "telling" than selling. Just make others aware of the program.

Business owners, doctors, lawyers, accountants, laborers, people of all walks of life love this program. They are enrolling to make some money and/or build up a stock of silver and gold.

Many already involved are eagerly willing to help you succeed with minimal time and effort!


Simple Yet Powerful

Beyond a commission for introducing a new membership to someone, as an Affiliate you can have two growing teams of members generating bonuses for you based on volume of sales of memberships and special coins by your teams.

A position in the binary member network could be called a "profit center" or a "toll position", and you can have one easily, with lots of help to make it prosperous.

Think about increasing monthly earnings from your rapidly growing business teams.

And this is residual income. The rewards can keep coming with little maintenance even if you take a vacation or "retire" from promotion.



I have a lot of experience with business since the 1960's, and would be glad to meet online or by phone with you and your contacts to discuss details and answer questions.

This opportunity is outstanding!


Here's a pdf slide show with the metals program details.


Great intro: the recent ACM company "soft-launch" video.


What is a binary network?



Get started right away here.

NOTE: On this start page, the enrollment code should show "jdm".

Once you enroll, choose your own enroller code & begin telling others!



More Information

Read my recent article on "Inflation, Gold & Silver".


Watch my recent video on "Gold, Silver & the Dollar".


Watch my recent video on "Inflationary Depression".


Contact me for additional information at:



text or call me with a message at 330-510-0707


        Yours for easier living, Jon David Miller


Jon David Miller has run his own ethical natural health business for nearly 50 years, presenting many outstanding products and services. He has a Bachelor's degree with honors in economics with history and philosophy, as well as graduate degrees in psychology of religion and pastoral counseling.

Jon has written 10 books and many articles, produced numerous audio and video presentations, and helped many people with stress control, natural health and home business development. Over the last 30 years he has been doing business online. Jon is also a singer-songwriter, a philosopher and a father and grandfather.



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