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AND you are GUARANTEED not to lose any money in our unique program.


You'll like this a lot.

May we assume that you would ultimately like to have plenty of money, feel your best, and enjoy lots of free time?

If you visit a while at our site, you are going to be glad.


You'll likely decide to build a "home" on Easier Street as a Natural Health Enterprises Affiliate. It only takes a couple of minutes to start. This is where the often stressful life issues of time, money and health become easier to manage. 

Better health --> more life.  

Better success --> more money.

This is what most people want.  Don't miss it!"

-- Jon Miller, author & entrepreneur


No Time Right Now?

If you don't have a few minutes now to set yourself up as a Natural Health Enterprises Affiliate, send us an email and we'll respond with the simple few step process that you can do later.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We will not provide your private email address and information to anyone else; and we will not bombard you with unwanted email.

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A Truly Unique Program

This Natural Health Enterprises "Easier Street" program is simple and unique.

~ It is a direct Affiliate program, NOT network marketing.

~ We offer real physical products of superior quality.

~ These products have a substantial market, including consumable items that are repeatedly ordered BECAUSE THE CUSTOMERS WANT THEM.

~ With our simple e-Biz, you will have no inventory, no products to handle, no shipping, no accounting -- little else to do but generate referrals.

~ You can get started for almost no cost. There is no need to buy anything!

~ We help you learn how to be successful.

~ The rewards are substantial, as there is NO "upline" getting much of the pie.

~ This is NOT just another program offering just an eBook or video and umpteen bonus eBooks on how they make money on the internet, or other junk.

~ This is NOT one of the thousands of internet promotions of major brands or big name stores.

~ This IS a unique offering of top notch wellness products, most of which are not found in health food stores, (usually because the profit margin is too low for stores).

~ You can put very little time into this and still make a lot of money!

This is much easier than other online programs. There is nothing more difficult involved here than reading, typing a little, clicking a link, or sending an email. 

You can easily conduct internet business successfully, while learning how to manage time & stress, AND how to be healthy for life with little effort and no expense. 

That's right, there is nearly NO COST, and NO RISK !


Healthy & Prosperous Home

On Easier Street we are involved in two things which are of interest to almost everyone:

less stress & illness, and more money.

Please don't leave without considering this.



To move to Easier Street RIGHT NOW and get your own money-making referral link,

please first read our terms & conditions --



If you have the time, read on for the rest of the details:

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The Natural Health Enterprises Affiliate Program is now enrolling Affiliates. As soon as you complete registration (no charge) and receive your referral URL links (webpage addresses), you can begin referring customers.
Initially we have our entire selection of water purifiers, several popular juicers, the finest organic milled flax seed, a pollen extract and a super food mix. These  products are all ready for you to refer others and earn a commission from any sales generated.

I have been in the Natural Health business for over 40 years. I have selected products of the very highest quality that have a high potential for repeat purchases.


YOU ARE PAID MONTHLY              

Once you enroll and begin referring customers, you'll earn a portion of the proceeds whenever you have a referral who buys anything at any of the web pages you can present to them. We call these commissions "rewards".

The rewards vary from 5% on juicers to 15% on water purifiers and some other items.

Rewards will be paid via PayPal (reliable online payment processor) about the 15th of each month for the previous month's business.

Below is a link to the Affiliate enrollment page. When you enroll, you will choose a UserName and Password, then you will receive a URL (web address) link to use in promoting our water purifier page. Before long you'll get links for our other pages as well.



After you have enrolled, email us (see bottom of page), giving us the link that you receive AND your UserName for our records. Soon after, we will send you 3 more unique Affiliate links, which may be used to take your customers to the pages for juicers, flax seed or nutritional products.
You can give all of these links to prospective customers, or just one depending on your own interest or theirs.



There is no purchase requirement to earn rewards each month unlike other programs.

However, there are some deductions from the monthly rewards for expenses. Natural Health Enterprises deducts a $3 fee each month from each Affiliate's rewards payments,  (If you have less than $3 in rewards for the month, there is no out of pocket cost nor any carryover to the next month.)

There are three reasons for this fee deduction:

1) This helps to cover our part of the cost of the 3rd party affiliate tracking system.  (NOTE: There is an additional small charge per sale to you for this service as well, which is calculated and deducted by the company providing the service.)

2) Since we do not require a monthly purchase of your own, this $3 fee is the equivalent of 10% on $30 worth of sales that may or may not be your own purchases.  Most other companies require much more than that in personal purchases.

 3) This modest assessment helps protect the integrity of our Affiliate system, as explained a little further below.  (See "Special Reward".)


A number of our products are consumable, and because they are highly beneficial, they have a high repeat order rate.

Also, there will be more products of various types added from time to time.

And this is a business that will continue to grow, as your customers get good results and give their friends your order links.



What about your own purchases? To avoid having an Affiliate set up a "dummy" customer so they could order through it for themselves and earn a reward on the sale, you can just order as yourself through your own referral link and earn rewards on your own purchases!



If one of your customers joins our Affiliate program (however they discover it), and after that they order through their own referral link, we would still pay YOU a reward also, up to $3 EACH MONTH from the fee we would deduct from their account (equivalent to 10% of $30 of sales). This helps to protect you from missing out on the rewards if one of your customers becomes an Affiliate.


EVEN BETTER                           

The affiliate management service we are using, PayDotCom, has hundreds of products from other businesses using the service. When you enroll, you will automatically become an affiliate of PayDotCom and be able to promote that program itself, as well as any of the hundreds of products in the PayDotCom marketplace.



This is probably different than any home business program you've seen before, but it is well thought out. And it is incredible how much you could make in an internet business that takes so little time and effort.



The entry cost of this program has been set at ZERO for now to make it easy for you to participate. (NOTE: There may be a start-up cost in the future.)

Some of the things we sell are more expensive, such as water purifier systems, juicers, casesod flax seed and other items to come. The rewards on some of these items are nice ones.

Some of the products we offer are repeat purchase items, so you could have ongoing rewards from some customers.

Each customer is potentially very valuable. They could continue buying items for a long time. Or they could become interested in other things we offer.



We have resources and tools available to help you improve your success at internet business. Depending on how far you want to go with this, we have eBooks and other educational materials to teach you what you will need to make the most of your iBiz, as well as effective promotional tools.



If you'd like to know more about the products offered before enrolling, you can read about them via these generic links to the product pages below (Each page opens in a new window.) NOTE: do not use these links to refer customers as there would be no tracking of you as the referring Affiliate.

CLICK HERE for the water purifier page


CLICK HERE for the juicer page


CLICK HERE for the flax seed page


CLICK HERE for the nutritional products page



Remember, even though our program is fun and enjoyable LIKE a game, this program is NOT a game. There are plenty of money games, chain letters, "gifting" programs, and other "give-it-a-shot" deals on the internet.

And almost all of them cost something to participate.

However, our program has no start-up cost at all. And what we are offering is substantial.

This is nothing like all the promotional deals for eBooks, special secrets or expert courses about making money through reselling already-been-sold items with resale rights, repackaging old public domain materials, lead sales, auctions, or other ways.

Offers for those types of programs saturate the internet.

The products we offer are outstanding and very desirable items that almost everyone should have.

Also, many of these products will need replaced from time to time, meaning repeated rewards.

Our program is NOT "Multi-Level Marketing", and NOT a matrix.

It is a direct affiliate program.

This system is simple and VERY rewarding.

We help you to be successful. 

I think you'll really like it.



Rewards are paid through PayPal. If you have not used PayPal before, it is a totally secure online payment processor owned by eBay. It is very simple to use.

If you haven't already, you should establish your own PayPal account whereby you can receive your Reward payments.

PayPal is free-of-charge to setup.

It is owned by eBay, and is by far the largest online payment processor. 

PayPal is very well-established and reliable; and payments made through it are totally secure.

With a personal account, you can receive payments, then use those funds to purchase other things online.  You may already have a personal account if you have used PayPal to make purchases online previously.

With a PayPal business account, you would also be able to accept payment transactions at a website of your own, and spend your funds with a debit card or transfer them to your bank account, but there would be a small transaction fee involved.

CLICK HERE to set up a PayPal account if you don't have one already.



By enrolling, you agree to our simple "terms & conditions" which you should read beforehand.



After giving this some attention for just a while, you could have several streams of cash flowing that would continue to pay you residual income.

This really can be YOUR OWN internet business, designed to educate you, make you money, save you time, and support your health.

You will be pleased at how good this is.

And there is NO RISK -- you can't lose any money!



First read the terms & conditions then the details of enrollment. After that you may proceed to enroll via the link below.



IMPORTANT NOTE: We are still in the early stages of this program.

That's right, you can get in at the beginning!

We invite you to grow with us.



You will be enrolling in both the Natural Health Enterprises "Easier Street" Affiliate Program, and simultaneously the PayDotCom Affiliate Program.

After clicking on the link below you'll arrive at a page (hosted by PayDotCom) that describes the details of our program a little more.

You will then click the link at the bottom of that page that says "Sign up for this affiliate program".

That will take you to a simple form to complete and submit, after agreeing to the PayDotCom terms & conditions and entering a security code.

Then you will go to a page where you will find your referral link for the PayDotCom affiliate program.  Copy that link to a saved draft email or a Word Document. 

If you want to, you can use that link to introduce PayDotCom to people who have or are starting an online business of their own.  That is NOT the link for our products.

Then either use the back button to go back to our Affiliate Program description page, OR you can return to this page (which should still be open on your computer), and click on the same link at the bottom of this page that takes you to our Affiliate Program description page at PayDotCom.

At the bottom of that Affiliate Program description page is another link that says "Login To Affiliate Members Area".  Click on that and to login, enter the email address and password you submitted to PayDotCom.

There you will find your new referral URL for our shower filter and water purifier page. Also copy that to a saved email draft or a Word Document for future use in referring customers.

After you enroll, be sure to let us know what your UserName and your water page referral link are by emailing us that info. CLICK HERE to email us.

Shortly after we will send you our other product page links ready for you to use in referring others.



to enroll in the Natural Health Enterprises Affiliate Program


If you have any questions let us know. We will respond ASAP.

CLICK HERE to email us


P.S. Remember after you enroll to email us your UserName and water page affiliate link to get your referral links for our other pages.

Thank you for your attention, Jon Miller

Jon has run his own ethical natural health business for over 40 years, presenting many outstanding products. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in economics from Ohio University; plus a Master of Arts degree in religion, and a Master of Divinity in pastoral counseling from Hartford Seminary. He has written 7 books, and helped many people with stress control, health building and home business development. He is also a singer-songwriter, a philosopher and a father to four children. Over the last 15 years he has been doing business online. He is now sharing his insights through eBooks and internet radio.


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